A dog’s movement is most often forward but can be backward and side-to-side. Gait is the pattern of foot strikes on the ground. Assessing a dog’s gait can determine early signs of lameness that may not be evident to the untrained eye.  Gait analyses are important to not only establish a diagnosis but also monitor progression of treatment.  CRCG offers gait analysis through the GAIT4Dog Analysis System.

Our GAIT4Dog canine lamenss system is used to determine if there are issues that are not immediately obvious. The GAITFour® proprietary software analyzes the walkway sensor data, automatically identifies the individual paw and determines the limb associated with each paw strike.

The system assesses limb placement, loading and off-loading and restriction in movement. The GAITFour® software calculates a number of parameters for a comprehensive quantification of the recorded gait, including, the patented GAIT4Dog® Lameness Score (GLS®) designed to be easily understood by owners and clinicians alike.

GAITFour® provides a variety of reports which can be saved as PDF or emailed directly to either the owner or referring clinician. This includes the ability to email appropriate videos.

Lameness Detection Matters

The only valid way to look at how a dog is affected by its condition is when it is in motion.

  • Based on a score of 100 for each limb
  • Unique way to see primary & secondary lameness
  • Paw – Limb specific values
  • Quantifies the degree of lameness by limb
  • Identifies the compensating limb

This system identifies the degree of lameness by limb and also identifies the compensating limb.  Reports are then provided to the client with accompanying videos.  Call CRCG at 303-762-7946 to schedule your gait analysis.