Meet the CRCG Team

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapists/Practitioners (CCRTs/CCRPs) are veterinarians and physical therapists that evaluate and treat dogs with health problems resulting from injury, disease, aging, or obesity. Rehabilitation therapists also provide support in conditioning for sport and show dogs.

The Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant (CCRA) is a certification awarded to Veterinary Assistants or non Certified Vet Techs upon completion of the program. The Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse (CCRVN) is the certification awarded to Certified Vet Techs when they complete the course.

At CRCG, all of our expert therapists are licensed and certified either by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) or the University of Tennessee (UT) within a year of joining us. These unique programs are designed to meet the needs of the veterinarian, veterinary technician/veterinary nurse, physical therapist, and physical therapist assistant interested in the field of canine rehabilitation.