What are your goals for your dog? Do you want a stronger hiking partner? A faster agility run, or a straighter sit in obedience?  Is your dog overweight? Maybe your dog has extra energy and you’d like an outlet.

We offer several different conditioning and weight loss options. We have staff with expert knowledge in performance, canine behavior and everything in between.

Conditioning in the hydrotherapy pool and underwater treadmill, or customized land exercises – are the perfect combination for maximum benefit.

Call us to set up an appointment for your personalized fitness program.

What is a F.I.T. Evaluation?

The purpose of the F.I.T. evaluation is to become acquainted with you and your dog, learn about your goals and design a customized F.I.T. program for your dog.

During this first visit you can expect:

  • Baseline – Key Body Measurements
    • Weight/Height: Weight/Height Ratio
    • Abdominal/Thoracic Circumference
    • Body/Muscle Condition Score
  • Diet type, volume, and feeding methods
  • Review personality, likes and dislikes, etc.
  • Current exercise level, activities and skills
  • Movement Video Assessment (Gaiting)
  • Skill Assessment – land, balance, water, endurance

It is important that your dog is comfortable, so we take our time teaching each of the skills needed for this program.  Most dogs are introduced to water during their evaluation. We are always in the water with them to make sure they feel safe and understand what to do. The evaluation will determine the best level of fitness to start with your dog.

FIT Evaluation – $150

FIT Club Core Visit – $75
FIT Club Strength Visit – $95
FIT Club Endurance Visit – $115

FIT Club Packages
FIT Club Core 5 visit – $356.25
FIT Club Core – 10 visit – $675

FIT Club Strength – 5 visit – $451.25
FIT Club Strength – 10 visit – $855

FIT Club Endurance – 5 visit – $546.25
FIT Club Endurance – 10 visit –  $1,035

To further enhance the dog’s performance, massage, acupuncture and stretching programs are available.

Key Uses

Obesity, thyroid problems, weight management, strengthening, regular exercise to increase metabolic rate.

For extreme cases or those already under a family veterinarian’s weight management plan, a joint approach (including progress reports) will be implemented.