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All classes are open to the public.  Club FETCH Members receive 10% off all classes (unless otherwise noted). 

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Body . Balance. Bonding. These 3 elements are important for overall canine health and fitness. Dogs need good balance in order to develop good skills.  Both good balance and good skills help to grow a strong bond between a dog and person.  The TOTAL DOG Fitness classes focus on these elements by: teaching foundation through advanced training skills, developing balance using FitPaws equipment, and by helping people understand how dogs view their environment. Combined, these build a great bond between dogs and their people.

To sign up: call 303-762-SWIM (7946)
 or totaldog@dog-swim.com


Club FETCH Total Dog Classes   




 How to Massage your Dog

In this class you will learn about the many benefits of canine massage, basic anatomy and physiology, canine body language, elements of a massage, massage techniques, & other tools that can be useful to providing a supreme canine massage experience. 

Call (303) 762-SWIM to sign up. Space limited. 



K9 First Aid and CPR Class 

k9CPR.jpg  The K9 First Aid and CPR course is designed to give the pet lover, dog sport enthusiast, or pet professional the necessary information and skills to stabilize an injured animal until qualified veterinarian care is accessed. Whether you are new to dog ownership, or a long time friend; have a puppy, or care for a senior dog; own a purebred or a mixed breed from a shelter; regardless of your situation, your dog is precious to you. You only want the best for your dog, just like you want the best for every member of your family. This Paramedic based material gives the students confidence. Confidence that no matter what situation involving their dog, they will be able to provide care that will help for the best possible outcome. That alone can be priceless. To register click here.  


Canine Nutrition: Overview & Support for Dogs with Cancer 

Jeff_Profile.jpg  Deserving Dog's  Jeff Sutherland teaches Canine Nutrition: Overview & Support for Dogs with Cancer. A few of the topics we will explore include:

Nutrition Overview: - The role of protein, fat and carbohydrates in the modern dog's diet

Dental Health: - Dental products, diet, tooth brushing and overall effectiveness

Supporting Dogs with Cancer: Nutrition's Important Role

     - Anti-oxidants: latest news and their use during cancer treatment

     - Carbohydrates/grains and their place in the cancer diet

    - Cachexia and of kibble: what you should know

     - Raw versus cooked diets as they relate to cancer and other diseases

We will delve into these and a number of other areas in a lively, interactive class!   



How to Care for your Geriatric Dog 


  The CRCG clinics (Englewood, Broomfield) offer space for parties, training, classes, meetings, charity events or other group events. 

Birthday Parties - Invite your friends and furry friends to a pool party.  We offer a great space at our Englewood and Broomfield locations for birthday parties.  Check out the fun.....  Birthday Party Gallery Photos....... More info on birthdays and other parties

Questions? Call us at 303-762-SWIM (7946) or contact us

Meeting RentalGroups that have used our space include but are not limited to: Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Golden Retriever club, Freedom Service Dogs, Irish Setter Club, VRCC, Central Vet (ER) Group, massage and accupressure groups and training, and dog training.

Schedule a professional or group meeting at a CRCG clinic! You can meet, have food, and swim your dog and your friend's dogs!

The cost of rental depends on your needs, schedule, and space requirements.

Questions? Call us at 303-762-SWIM (7946) or contact us.